This company is going through dissolving via Company House.

Quality before Quantity.

Do you want the correct amount of staff or to be flooded with the staff,  you are paying for them to stand around doing nothing?

We will work with you as an organiser, everything to the law but to your advantage most times.

Event Security


We do all kinds of events, nothing is impossible, there is always a solution somewhere.

Each event is different, and each client works in different ways.

We have done everything from Bikes Races, BMX Events, Beer Festivals, Boxing Events, Tennis Events, Waterpolo, Wheelchair Basketball, and many more smaller events including weddings.

The Manchester Trophy supported by the Lawn Tennis Association and partners.
At the Northern Tennis Club in Didsbury, Manchester every June.
This last year, we don't always have great weather but I do have reliable staff who stay on duty and in position no matter what the weather is?
More details for the 2020 event at https://www.lta.org.uk/major-tennis-events/trophy-series/manchester-trophy/



We work on behalf of Deefort Sports in the UK as their sales agents, selling Playing Kits in Football, Rugby, Netball, Futsal, Basketball, Korfball, Cricket plus other sports and in Leisure Wear.


Bespoke Teamwear can be designed on line at www.deeforstsports.com


As a company they offer a club shop where your players, Coaches, Fans can buy the bespoke kits online and have them delivered within 8 weeks or sooner to the Club Official's address.